Are Screamers the Best Managers?

If you think about some of the most successful business leaders who would you name? If you’re a technology guy like me you might say Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. If you’re in the entertainment industry, you might mention Walt Disney. In my own life, I’d put the founder of the consulting firm I used […]

5 Ways to Track Your Life Like Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is remembered for many things, but I loved the fact that he was always trying to improve himself. In fact, he made a chart of the many virtues that he wanted to improve and then kept track of them on a regular basis. According to FlameBright’s page: He committed to giving strict attention […]

Finding the Right Training Partner

A large part of success in life depends on who you associate with. There’s something about having other people around you that push you to do more than you’d do on your own. In many ways, iron sharpens iron. I’ve been in work environments that are firing on all cylinders where people are pushing each […]

3 Reasons to Write a Blog

People often wonder what the point of blogging is. Especially when starting out, it can be a lot like yelling in a noisy train station. There are lots of others bloggers out there (roughly 70 million at last count), and what you’re talking about may seem to go unnoticed by the world at large. For […]

Why I’m (Mostly) a Vegetarian

I relearned tonight why I am (mostly) a vegetarian. I say “mostly” because, as my wife will tell you, I’m not a hard-core vegetarian like she is. I’m probably about 85% vegetarian. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but on occasion I will have chicken or salmon, especially when we’re traveling or at a […]