Does Running Technique Matter: Pose vs Chi?

For many years, I’ve read and been taught that in order to be a better runner, you just need to run more miles. In other words, running is often considered a “training” sport and not a “technique” sport. As long as you can put the miles in, then you can finish the race. But a […]

Getting Started Running Barefoot

Inspired by the research and story in the book Born To Run, I’ve decided to try out barefoot running. Or at least “nearly” barefoot running. There’s just something about the minimalism of it that appeals to me. No need for fancy shoes or gear – just man vs. nature. I also think there’s a lot […]

Get More Done By Working In Sprints

One of the best ways to get something done is by brute force. If you want to write a book, all you have to do force yourself to write a page a day and by the end of the year, you can publish your wonderful 365 page (unless it was a leap year) book! But […]

Are you a Lark or an Owl?

Which Bird Are You? Do you love nothing more than getting up at the crack of dawn? Do you do your best work a few hours before lunch? Does the idea of staying up late make you cringe? Or Do you love sleeping in? Do you do your best work in the evening? If you […]