The Importance of Training

I learned a valuable and painful lesson during the 2006 Chicago Half Marathon about the importance of training. In preparation for that half marathon, I followed a standard running plan. I did all the necessary runs in the beginning. Then about a month before the race, my work schedule got extremely busy and I no […]

The power of connecting with others

Over the weekend I took the kids to see Wall-E. As always, Pixar delivered with an amazing story that touched the heart. Wall-E is the story of a lonely robot left to clean up the earth after everyone else has left. He discovers classic movie footage and is amazed by the joy and love of […]

The Myth of the Great Idea

There is a myth that says if only I could come up with a great idea then I could become rich!, change the world! or (insert your favorite wish)!. I was reading how to get rich over the weekend and Felix Dennis made the following point: Having a great idea is simply not enough. The […]

How do your spend your time?

Our Most Important Asset < p>This may be the best question you can ever ask yourself….How do you spend your time? < p>Time is far and away the most important commodity in your life. First off, you never know how much you have left. According to the highly scientific deathclock I have 1,319,850,379 seconds left. […]