I Danced Pretty One Day

My Birthday Surprise In the forty-first year of my life, I found myself wearing a bedazzled tie and spending two days in the Westin dancing the waltz and cha cha with a Brazilian woman nearly half my age. I was surrounded by eight other couples trying to run me off the floor. The guys had […]

Stop Caring and Start Writing

Insightful (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWurgmyG_Uc) by Jonathon Mann (Mr Song a Day) about silencing the inner critic: It’s all about detaching yourself from the creative process so that you don’t clam up and worry about making something “good”. It’s more important to make something, period, than it is to make something good. Especially for those of us that […]

How to be creative

I love Scott Berkun and he hits it out of the park with this post on how to be creative: The biggest difference between you and Picasso, or Einstein, or whoever your heroes are is that they out work you. They spend more time in front of a canvas, or guitar, or computer, working away […]

So Long Covey

The economist has a fitting obituary for Stephen Covey: Mr Covey argued that personal character, purpose and self-discipline were what mattered. I couldn’t agree more.

Imaginary Sea

I’m reviving my writing and artistic career starting with this poem and illustration. Sometimes my mind wanders when I’m sitting in the backyard…