How Not to Be a Perfectionist


I’ve often struggled with perfectionism. In fact, I never used to blog because I was always trying to write the “perfect” blog on the “perfect” topic so at the end of the day I wouldn’t publish anything.

Perfectionism can be useful to help ensure quality, but at some point you start to face diminishing returns. At some point, you are starting to waste time tweaking the minute details. And you just have to say that a project is good enough and call it finished.

Without that ability, projects don’t get done or even worse they don’t get started. Timeboxing is one of the most powerful techniques for fighting perfectionism.

Basically you give yourself a specific slice of time to complete an activity. For example, take thirty minutes to clean the kitchen and you will stop at the end. Maybe you will come back to it later, but at least you will have moved the ball forward today.

The key is that nothing is this world is ever perfect, so we should strive for excellence everyday (hmm…sounds like a good blog title) rather than perfection!

The perfect is the enemy of the good. -Voltaire