Stop Caring and Start Writing

Insightful video by Jonathon Mann (Mr Song a Day) about silencing the inner critic:

It’s all about detaching yourself from the creative process so that you don’t clam up and worry about making something “good”. It’s more important to make something, period, than it is to make something good.

Especially for those of us that are perfectionists, silencing the inner critic is sometimes the hardest part. There’s this feeling of I don’t want to write or create unless it’s going to be absolutely the best creation ever. So what ends up happening is nothing.

I’m going to try and start taking his advice. Here’s to more creating and less caring!

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One thought on “Stop Caring and Start Writing

  1. Excellent points, and I pray more creative artists will swallow their pride and fear and just get their good stuff out there! Bless you, sir, and your blog!

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