What Did You Buy for Your Birthday?

You can tell a lot about a person by what they buy for themselves on their birthday. For example, my dad always buys himself a new instrument (usually of the bluegrass persuasion). He loves to play and waits until his birthday so he can justify getting an instrument that will really sing.

Molly has been getting herself heart rate monitors and various other exercise gear for the past few years. At this point in her life, working out is her passion. And you can tell this is true by what she buys for herself on special occasions.

So, given that my birthday just passed, I’ll bet you’re wondering what I bought myself, and more importantly what it says about me?

I’ll give you some clues:

  • I’m a voracious reader (usually tackling about one or two books per week)
  • I love technology and high-tech gadgets
  • I always have the problem of trying to fit too many books in my bag
  • Reading too much on my laptop starts to strain my eyes
  • My mom gave me a $100 amazon gift certificate to spend

Have you guessed it yet? Yes, that’s right….I purchased my very own Amazon Kindle!!! Amazon Kindle It’s the perfect device for a technology-loving, bookish person like me. And like everyone’s birthday gift, I think it says a lot about me. I’ll let you judge whether what it says is good or bad 😉

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